The Creative Visual | Custom Stock Images for Small Businesses

Jul 13, 2018

Custom Stock Images for Small Businesses

Custom Stock Images for Small Businesses

Elevate your brand with professional stock images – personalized to your business.

Are you a small business owner struggling to grow your social media presence? Do you struggle with content to share on social media? Do you use your cellphone to take photos, only to find they do not do your product justice? Do you look at other Instagram feeds and think to yourself  “I wish my feed looked like that”?

At Nicole Spangler Photography, we have launched “The Creative Visual”. A service for local entrepreneurs in need of fresh, professional content for social media.

We feel that your social media should be the launching point to attract new customers. Having a well thought out, curated social media presence is essential to elevate your client base.

Let’s face it. We all shop online. We all use social media to research brands when we are browsing for specific products. Having amazing stock images of your product will help you stand out from your competitors and bring in more clients and orders.

We work with businesses such as bakers, florists, clothing boutiques, restaurants, and more.  We will photograph your inventory, wares, baked goods, and so much more. We also work with multi-level marketing promoters as well.


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Case Study: Big Lake Floral

We recently began working with Big Lake Floral. They are a small town florist that serves the greater twin cities area. They market to twin city brides as well as local customers that purchase fresh bouquets, made on the spot.

As a wedding photographer, I had worked with Big Lake Floral as a vendor. I have photographed a few of their stunning bouquets in the past while photographing my client’s weddings. Big Lake Floral was doing a good job posting fairly consistently. I noticed that their feed was a little bit dreary and I could tell they were using a cell phone to capture their creations. (As you can see below).


Custom stock photography for small businesses

Custom stock photography for small businesses


As you can see they were doing a pretty decent job of posting on Instagram.

When I met with Big Lake Floral, we discussed what she was struggling with as far as her social media, how we could work together to elevate her feed and Facebook page, plan out her monthly social media photography shoot, and we implemented a social media plan.

When I arrived at her shop to photograph her social media images, I was surprised to see so many beautiful goods that they sell in their shop. I had no idea! We gathered many of the products that they sell so I could photograph them professionally and I captured Lacey (the owner) as she created a stunning bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, and bridal party bouquets. To be honest, I had never seen a bridal bouquet being made so I was very transfixed. After Lacey finished the bouquets, I photographed them in her shop. I also knew that most people that follow Big Lake Floral online really didn’t know that they sell other products such as airplants, succulents, vases, locally made honey, chocolate, and more. I made sure to photograph these items as well.

I delivered the images to Big Lake Floral and trained them about social media strategies. The first post the made on Instagram and Facebook was a post about how they sell airplants and matching containers. Within 2 hours, someone came in and bought some! I mean talk about conversion!

Big Lake Floral has been posting on social media now for about 2 weeks – mixing in their stock images plus images that other wedding photographers have shared with them. Take a look at their gorgeous feed now!


Custom stock photography for small businesses


In addition to a visually pleasing, professional Instagram feed, they have also experienced a growth in followers and likes per image. Big Lake Floral also uses their stock images on their Facebook business page for headers and posts. Their Facebook interaction has grown since posting professional stock images as well.

Lacey shared with me, this text from another florist friend of hers:


Custom stock photography for small businesses


Proof that her social media game is making an impact, right?




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We are thrilled to be offering this service to businesses in the Twin Cities. Together, we will elevate your brand and create a social media presence that your competitors will be envious of!

To learn more and grab one of the limited openings for the Creative Visual (and get one complimentary shoot), click the button below:


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