Serving Our Country / Minnesota Military Photographer

May 22, 2018

I was so honored when two of my previous senior models asked me to do a shoot incorporating their lives now that they are in the Army.

Just a little background about these amazing ladies:

Ashley is has always been a girl that has offered to help me whenever needed. She has a very kind soul and the CUTEST freckles ever. She grew up dancing and has a girly side to her that is so lovely and her eyes are stunning (see her senior photos HERE). She volunteered to serve out country last summer and honestly, I feel like a proud mom.

Bre is a girl with her pulse on all things makeup artistry. She has an amazing fashion vibe (edgy and urban) and her eyes can pierce right through you. When I first met her, I thought she was shy. Boy was I wrong. She has a mischievous side that is pretty mysterious (see her senior photos HERE and you will see). She also volunteered to serve our country last summer (they were in different states, however).

I was excited to catch up with them since I haven’t seen them since they graduated. I wanted to hear how their lives have changed. Although they were pretty much the same as the last time I saw them, they had a little bit of grit to them. I loved seeing them in their uniforms and hearing about the challenges they faced as well as what they loved about bootcamp.

I am so proud of these two girls right here. Thank you Ashley and Bre for serving our country and defending our freedom.



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