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Apr 11, 2024


Meet Kelly, she is the owner of Friesen Holistic Services LLC  Friesen Holistic Services LLC | Autism | Otsego, MN 55330 (fhshome.com) Kelly took part in the “We Rise Together” campaign and shared some valuable thoughts and tips for other businesswomen.

Friesen Holistic Services LLC (est. 2022) -I am the Founder/Owner

Make a Plan, Research the Plan, Implement the Plan, insert fun and positivity into the Plan, and then Modify the Plan as needed.

Nurses as Independent Providers are not common. Getting others to expand their mindset to recognize the associated benefits, was more challenging than I had anticipated.

I have been a Registered Nurse for 34 years & I am Certified in Gastroenterology. 🤓 I learned to play “Happy Birthday” on the Bass guitar for my 40th birthday! 🥳

Growth is not always comfortable. We are blessed to live in this Community!

Working with individuals who have Autism or Neurodiversity to improve their life skills so they can become more independent. I hope to build a community of supports in the Otsego area that will allow Neurodiverse Individuals to thrive! I hope to grow my professional speaking career.

My Higher Power.

Practice gratitude everyday… even during the tough days.

My Son Michael is my “Why”. I had a series of events occur that led me to the path of starting my own business.

Seeing the positive difference, I can make for Individuals who live with Autism.

I read several of Temple Grandin’s books when Michael was younger. They gave me hope that he could grow up and have a meaningful & successful life.

I am a Gardener & a Nature Lover. I trying to do more things that bring me joy, and less things that don’t.

Thank you so much Nicole for spotlighting different women in our area! I hope you will consider doing one for yourself as well! I would love to hear your story.


Elk-River-MN-Headshot-photographer Elk-River-MN-Headshot-photographer

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