What Your Headshot Says About YOU | Minneapolis Wedding/Boudoir Photographer

Apr 15, 2013

My friend Emile asked me to do some professional headshots for her. She is an up and coming makeup artist, and needed some for her website and business cards. It’s always nice when a client shows up looking STUNNING.

I was recently on a business website, where you could choose who you work with, partially based on their headshot. A lot of the employees used a photo of themselves taken with a cell phone and edited with Instagram. As a consumer, I was instantly drawn to the headshots photographed by a professional. It tells me that they take their business seriously, and they just plain looked great. If you are business owner, or work in an industry where headshots are needed, I highly recommend having them done professionally. Do not use a cell phone photo you edited with Instagram. It doesn’t look professional. Just sayin’. :)

If you would like pricing for headshots, please contact me!


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Minneapolis Wedding Photographer
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