Pick 2: Senior pictures that are 1) good, 2) fast, or 3) cheap

Oct 27, 2022

There’s an old saying that says usually you can only have two choices while sacrificing the third choice. This is what that looks like in the world of senior photography:

Brooklyn | Monticello-MN-Senior-Photographer


Good + Fast = Not Cheap – if you want gorgeous images and you’re in a rush, you may have to pay for the fast service and turnaround time. By rushing your editing time you will be able to get your images back in the time you need. This is also why you don’t want to wait until Sept. or Oct. of your senior year to book your senior session.

Emma | Monticello-MN-Senior-Photographer


Cheap + Fast = Not Good – usually this combo means the photographer doesn’t have a wait list of clients and isn’t booked by a lot of people (and that’s not necessarily a good thing). It also means that their image process probably isn’t well established, so their ability to provide a cohesive gallery may be lacking.

Rocco | Elk-River-MN-Senior-Photographer


Good + Cheap = Not Fast – a good photographer usually has a process as to why they’re able to create such beautiful images. Sometimes you can get lucky and find someone who doesn’t know they should be charging more, but don’t expect it to be a quick process. And if you want good, cheap, and fast – that typically doesn’t exist in any industry. 

So tell me, which two are most important to you?

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