Makayla / Elk River MN Senior Photos

Jul 18, 2017

This is Makayla. She has the best giggles ever. Makayla attends Spectrum High School in Elk River, MN.

I had so much fun photographing Makayla’s senior portraits. We literally shot everywhere. Well not everywhere, but you get the idea. Makayla has such an amazing smile. She really made my job so easy.

Makayla was such a trooper too. I asked her to lay down in a field of wild flowers (and dirt) and she trusted my vision and went ahead and did it. To get shots like the ones below, I usually bring along my metal step stool. Well I had forgotten to bring it along, so I grabbed an old antique one from my studio. I was trying to balance on the stool, and photograph Makayla (I was literally shooting straight down on her) when all of the sudden the stool gave way and shattered into pieces! Makayla’s life flashed before her eyes, and luckily I fell backwards (not on top of her) and my camera wasn’t damaged! Makayla and my assistant were laughing so hard. After that all I had to do to get Makayla to smile was to tell her to think about me falling. ;)

We had a perfect golden hour for Makayla’s senior session. I just love that golden light!

Makayla, thank you for choosing me to tell your senior story!


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