Lucy | Minneapolis MN Senior Photos

Sep 6, 2015




I am thrilled to share Lucy’s senior class photos! Lucy attends Blake in Minneapolis and we had such an amazing time at her shoot. Lucy is an amazing girl. Not only is she beautiful, but she also is into sports and gives back to the community.

Lucy chose the Famous session which includes hair and makeup by SM Makeup, Inc., and wardrobe styling by Ampersand Helen. This session is so amazing because Ampersand Helen pulls wardrobe based off of each clients fashion vibe, style icons, and personality. We all loved the wardrobe that was provided. Fun fact: all of the wardrobe is always available for purchase after the shoot.

We began Lucy’s shoot at her grandparents home on Lake Minnetonka. I love the nautical vibe of the images near the lake. Lucy’s white dress and jewelry from Mineralogy just popped against the red bench.

The second part of Lucy’s senior photo experience was in Minneapolis at Lake of the Isles near her home. This area is sentimental to me because my friends and I used to drive down to the bridge on Lake of the Isles and jump off into the water below (shh, don’t tell my mom!). I do believe kids still partake in this behavior, but I can neither confirm nor deny this fact. ;)

I absolutely adore Lucy’s dress from Free People in the images at Lake of the Isles. Is fit her perfectly and it was so hip and modern.

The final location for Lucy’s session was at Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream in Minneapolis. Lucy had mentioned how much she loves going there and I asked if she would like to stop there, get a cone, and do some fun shots. She jumped on the idea and off we went! Just look at that cone she ordered! Doesn’t it look delicious!? I am not going to lie, I was secretly jealous of her cone. Her mom offered me one, but it would have been the cone or shoot the session. Obviously, I chose shooting the super fun session (duh!).

Lucy, I want to thank you for choosing me to do your senior photos. I loved getting to know you, your sister, and your mom.

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