Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! | Minnesota Family Photographer

Sep 29, 2012

So I am going to start off this post by admitting I am not very crafty. In the past when I have seen a really creative birthday party, I always thought to myself…”I wish I could do something like THAT”.
And then Pinterest came along. There are so many great ideas there! I get so much inspiration from that website. It’s truly amazing!
So with Pinterest’s help I began planning our daughter’s 6th birthday party!
Our daughter loves animals. She never goes anywhere without a stuffed animal. She even wants to be a veteranarian when she grows up! <3
So we decided on a zoo theme for her party. Off I went to Pinterest to get some ideas. You can view my Pinterest board here.
Here is a little sneak peek…

First I decided to design a zoo ticket for a birthday invitation. I think it turned out pretty darn good.
I knew I wanted to make some animal masks for the kids gift bags. I printed out some templates from this website. I knew I needed help assembling said masks, so my girlfriends came over and we made a night out of it! It was awesome having the extra help! I need to give a shout out to my girlfriends who helped me…you know who you are! <3
Here is the finished product…
Aren’t they cute!?
I then found this cute gift bag idea on Pinterest. I decided I wanted popcorn bags for the gift bags (to go with the zoo theme). I found the popcorn bags at Party City. My friend Anna also volunteered to make some chocolate covered cookies using these candy molds (shaped like zoo animals). We also put some animal crackers in the gift bags along with someĀ licoriceĀ and Pixie Stix. I bought some animal tattoo’s as well for the gift bags.
I designed some labels for the gift bags and glued them on the pop corn bags. Here is the finished product…
We bought some Zoo Pals paper plates at the store, bought some animal print balloons, and we used some of our daughter’s animal toys to decorate the table, along with some peanuts! Here is what the table looked like before the mayhem began!
When the guests arrived, they saw this sign. Not very creative, but good enough!
I also set up a photobooth. It was super fun!
These were my little helpers. I couldn’t have done it without their help!
I was excited to blog about my “Martha Stewart” experience because it wasn’t THAT hard. I really enjoyed doing it! Hopefully this will inspire someone else out there!