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Jun 5, 2016

Meet Larrisa and Paul. Words cannot describe how incredibly sweet this wedding in Elk River was.

Larrisa and Paul had a very intimate outdoor wedding planned in Elk River, MN last Friday. When Larrisa contacted me to photograph their wedding, I was very excited. I seriously love intimate weddings like this.

If any of you follow me on Snapchat or Facebook, you may have seen my updates about the weather on Friday. It was raining pretty steadily that day. Larrisa mentioned that if it was raining they would move the ceremony to their living room in their home. I began thinking about a backup plan for the formal photos since we most likely wouldn’t be able to photograph outside in the rain. Luckily I remembered my favorite nursery 101 Market in Otsego has AMAZING spaces for photos. The bride called 101 Market, they they were so kind to allow us to photograph there.

When I arrived at 101 Market, I was seriously in heaven. Being surrounded by an abundance of colors, scents, and natural elements is so inspiring. It made me forget about the rainy day outside, that’s for sure.

When Larrisa and Paul arrived, I was so touched by Larrisa’s emotions. The way Paul and Larrisa looked into eachother’s eyes was so incredibly meaningful. I could tell how much they love eachother. Larrisa’s children were simply adorable. Her 2 boys were so helpful and friendly. Larrisa’s daughter was the sweetest little thing I have seen. I could tell she has an amazing connection with her mom, and watching Paul comfort her was so sweet.

After the family formals, we checked the weather and noticed that the rain had subsided enough to hold the ceremony outdoors! We arrived at the ceremony site in Elk River just in time to capture a few more images of Larrisa and Paul, and then begin the ceremony. One of the reasons I love photographing weddings, is because each love story is different. Watching the love in Larrisa’s eyes made me tear up. Seeing the way Paul looked at Larrisa as he spoke his vows was so touching. As the ceremony progressed, I noticed the children getting closer and closer to Larrisa and Paul. I am smitten with the images I captured of the children approaching ever so slowly as Larrisa and Paul exchanged vows. As the rain began to fall again, an umbrella was passed to Paul to shield his bride, just in time for the first kiss. Without any prompting, the children embraced Larrisa and Paul, and their family was then complete.

Larrisa and Paul, I am so honored you chose me to capture your love story.



-Look After You / The Fray

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Thank you 101 Market, for your incredible generosity.