Inspired by Inspiration | Big Lake MN Photographer

Dec 1, 2015

Recently I read a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic. In the book she talks about how inspiration finds us, we don’t find it. Inspiration floats around the universe, waiting for the “right” person to pins it’s hopes to. This book fascinated me. Instead of stressing out about “finding” inspiration, I should wait for it to fine ME? It seemed so backwards to me. Well after taking Elizabeth’s advice, and being “open” to inspiration finding me, I am happy to say it actually worked!

As a photographer based out of Minnesota, my business is busy between March and October every year. I joke with people that my work year is the opposite of that of a teacher. My off months are during the winter. I use this time to reflect on the year that was, work on my marketing, and basically exhale. This November, after a very busy spring-fall I decided to put my camera down and take some time to just breathe. Then I heard about Big Magic. I began to read it, and I started to change the way I think about inspiration. As a creative person I know that I need inspiration in my life and searching it out sometimes didn’t work. After finishing Big Magic I found that I was inspired by inspiration. Like the magic of how inspiration just floats around waiting to land is fascinating to me. It’s INSPIRING! In the book the author talks about taking a break from your creative projects and do something else for a little while. This may sound silly, but while coloring with my daughter, I literally had inspiration for my senior business slam into me out of no where. I mean really. I was coloring for Pete’s sake! I sat there in awe of what had just happened, and smiled.

This morning I looked out my window and again was inspired by the gorgeous snow fall from the night before. It represented a new phase in my life. A phase of trusting in my art. Being open to the universe. Being inspired by inspiration! So with that I picked up my camera after 4 weeks of hiatus and went out and shot the gorgeous tress weighted down by the heavy, wet snow. I am sharing these images with you not because they are ground breakingly beautiful, but because of what they represent.

If you are a creative mind, I hope this helps you just a tiny bit. Big Magic is out there, you just need to trust it.