70’s Summer Camp Photo Shoot / Nicole Spangler Photography

Aug 31, 2017



“Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having so much fun at Camp Nicohan. We have learned lots of fun crafts including making macrame and friendship bracelets.

We have also spent time exercising, playing games, and even had fun at the social hour.

I have enjoyed getting to know the other girls at 70’s summer camp and have made lots of new friendships.”



Aug, 1979


This year’s senior model destination shoot was definitely one for the books. This year we teamed up with Hanah and Cire from H. Claire Photography in Stoughton, Wisconsin. We have been planning this shoot for about 8 months and I am so obsessed with the imagery! Camp Nicohan is located in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The girls had a blast getting to know each other, playing games, crafting andĀ hanging out at social hour. I am obsessed with the wardrobe and styling by Cire from H. Claire Photography. She really made the looks come to life and it really told the story of being at summer camp in the 70’s. The makeup by Posh Beauty Bar pulled everything together. Hanah and Cire offered their hair styling talents to the shoot and they really did a great job! From the center parts to the feathered hair, they really nailed it.

I loved watching new friendships develop between both model teams and I enjoyed getting to know my senior models more (it was a 6 hour drive each way!).

I hope you enjoy this journal entry style blog post. It helps tell the story of how we planned the day and tellsĀ the story of Camp Nicohan.




We woke up in the morning and had craft time with the other campers.

We learned how to macrame and make friendship bracelets.

I loved how relaxing the crafting was. We even had to find our own sticks!




After craft time, we got to hang out with the other campers and get to know eachother better. We also played Croquet!




After craft time, we had our annual camp group photo taken.


After the group photo, it was time for calisthenics which included stretching and jumping jacks.

We also did some jogging and played Obo Shonotten Totten.



I really enjoyed the social hour with my fellow camp girls.

We hung out and socialized before the rain rolled in.

Even though we couldn’t have a campfire and roast marshmallows,

we still had a blast hanging out!


All in all, 70’s summer camp Nicohan was full of amazing friends and memories.