7 Tips to Choosing a Senior Photographer That is Right For You.

Aug 22, 2019

At Nicole Spangler Photography, I how head-spinning it can be choosing a senior photographer that is right for you. There is a sea of photographers to choose from. I am here to guide you along your search. Read my tips below to get you started on your journey:

Tip #1: STYLE

Consider the style you want and need: Take a peek at your senior high school yearbook from last year, and view the other senior portraits. If they’re all in a similar style, you may seek out a photographer who can accomplish a portrait that will be similar. If you are like us, and like to stand out and be different, then do a Google search for local photographers. Better yet, ask your daughter to do a search on Instagram. Ask your senior the style they might be wanting, and find a good compromise between what you both are looking for. 


Think of the personality of your senior, and search for a photographer who matches well. If your teen is very quiet and reserved, you’ll need a photographer who is very friendly and able to draw out a more fun, relaxed side. If your senior wants to include something like a varsity jacket, or even a pet or their best friend, make sure your photographer can accommodate those wishes. 


Book early. Professional high school senior photographers often book up pretty quickly. A good time to begin your senior photographer search is the spring of your child’s junior year. That way you can ensure you are getting the date that works best for you!

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